Thursday, July 8, 2010

L'Ebron, C'est Moi

Over the past several weeks since mid-May, this guy:

  • Refused to compete in several moments against the Celtics. Subsequently, told reporters that "I spoil people with my play."

  • Maneuvered to effect the firing of Coach Mike Brown, the most successful coach in Cavalier history.

  • Appeared in an hour-long interview on Larry King Live in the middle of the NBA Finals.

  • Refused to meet with Tom Izzo as the latter was considering the Cavs' offer to replace Brown as head coach.

  • Wore sweatpants (!) when he met with the various teams seeking to sign him.

  • Opened a Twitter account.

  • Reportedly, didn't return any calls or texts from Cavs owner Gilbert, who has been very good to him.

  • Engineered an hour-long television show for him to announce his free-agency decision. Therein, he repeatedly referred to himself in the third person, and talked about all the great things he's done for the city of Cleveland!
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