Friday, March 18, 2011

Utah vs. Chicago '98

Last night NBATV, perhaps trying to counter the lure of live March Madness (although NBATV is run by Turner, which is broadcasting NCAA tournament games, so perhaps my conjecture is wrong), showed the original "Jordan Pushed Off" game, Chicago vs. Utah in Game 6 of the 1998 NBA Finals.

I noticed a few things in this game that had slipped from my memory:

  • Dennis Rodman was an unbelievable rebounder, bounding multiple body lengths to grab caroms.

  • Scottie Pippen could barely walk in this game, yet delivered a number of clutch shots.

  • Michael Jordan started the fourth quarter shooting 2 for 8. He kept shooting, though, and hit two mid-range buckets in the final minute of the game to hand his team the win.

  • Utah won 62 games and made the Finals with a motley collection of role players including Antoine Carr, Howard Eisley, and Shandon Anderson, all of whom played crunch-time minutes. That is all from coaching.

  • Isiah Thomas was a credible TV commentator. Bob Costas, though, should stick to hosting the Olympics.
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    costas is a midget