Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Week In Prose

With the onset of NBA games, months of rank speculation in NBA media -- about labor negotiations, trade rumors, obscure tweets, and a lot of stuff untethered to the game -- has turned to actual analysis of on-court hoops in the past week. Here are the best articles we have found. We promise not to make this a regular feature, but the return of good sportswriting has been refreshing.

  • Sports Illustrated's Britt Robson on the debut of Ricky Rubio (and you should click the Youtube link embedded in the article).

  • Sports Illustrated's Lee Jenkins on coping with the aftermath of a failed trade.

  • Sports Illustrated's Sam Amick on Derrick Rose's personal habits.

  • Sports Illustrated's Zach Lowe on how the Heat handled a zone defense in their victory over Boston on Tuesday night.

  •'s Ethan Sherwood Strauss on Dwight Howard's suitability to the current age of NBA game rules.

  • Blogger Devin Kharpertian showing why Andray Blatche is a low-quality defender.

  • Blogger Rob Mahoney breaks down a potential traveling violation on Dwyane Wade's game-winning shot against Charlotte from Wednesday night.

  • Howard Beck of the New York Times profiles the newly renamed Metta World Peace.
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