Monday, November 23, 2009

The Best Way He Knows How

I've been thinking of buying Bill Simmons's new book (I will not link to it, but it's not hard to find) as a Christmas gift for a family member, or else asking certain family members to give it to me. I have always enjoyed the incisive analysis and watchful observations that Simmons brings in his writing. And he seems like a likable, cuddly guy when I've seen him on television. However, I have always been troubled by his casual references to (i) gambling, (ii) drinking to excess, and (iii) porn-watching, as though these are normal, healthy, adorably playful endeavors. I suppose in his circle of friends, these activities really are innocuous and all in a day's work — but in my view, they are disrespectful to (i) the game you cherish, (ii) your own body, and (iii) women. I wouldn't admit in print to smoking weed, physical abuse of another, cyber-stalking, or plotting terrorism (if, counterfactually, I engaged in those activities). What makes Simmons any better? Because his behaviors are legal?

(It's even odder that he's employed by a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company.)

So for now, I will stay clear of Simmons's book. Chris Ballard's new book, though, is on my must-have list. (I guess that means I'm siding with Time Warner.)

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EarlDaGoat said...

I have gotten up to about page 50 and it is pretty good. He definitely has unneeded references along the lines you mention, but I think (hope) he is mostly doing this to appeal to his audience of sports jocks who buy books on sports.

If you can ignore this stuff, then it is quite insightful.

I will post more about this later.