Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hoyas, Oh Boya!

Georgetown is typically thought of as having one of the strongest basketball programs in the NCAA. They have had a number of good players, but with the recent implosion of Allen Iverson down in Memphis, I started to think about whether G-town has produced any really great players.

Some would say that Iverson is a really great player, but given his recent antics it is probably safer to say he was a great player. He has aged like a fancy bottle of wine that has been corked. So much potential, such a disaster. My current feeling towards him is pure disappointment.

But what about the others? Here is the list from the top of my head:

Othella Harrington
Ruben Boumtje-Boumtje
Jahidi White
Roy Hibbert
Dikembe Mutombo
Alonzo Mourning
Patrick Ewing, Jr.
Jeff Green
Paul Tagliabue (former NFL commish)

and of course the best player on the list

Patrick Ewing

I used to like Ewing when I was younger, but after his famous strip club incident, I started to like him less. (I'm sure some of my fellow bloggers might say they liked him more after this incident. What do you say, Bhel?)

Patrick Ewing is the first G-Town player of the modern era to make the NBA Hall of Fame. Even though I admire Alonzo's story, I suspect Ewing will remain the only one for quite some time. It seems like the lights are dim for A. I.


Harpreet said...

Jeff Green is legit. Don't hate.

Bhel Atlantic said...

I think the best career on Earl's list of G-town alums belongs to Dikembe Mutombo, the former 4-time Defensive Player of the Year who played 18 seasons in the league. Mutombo is also the only NBA player ever mentioned in a State of the Union speech by a US president. Due to his extensive humanitarian activities, I think his HOF chances are better than those of Mourning or Iverson.

As for Ewing and the Gold Club, he did not harm anyone with his salacious activities, so I will hold my fire. I certainly wouldn't encourage my son to visit a venue of such repute, though.

Bhel Atlantic said...

I want to amend my comment about Patrick Ewing. Further research has revealed that he was married (and with his son, Patrick Jr.) in the 1990s at the time of the Gold Club dalliances. Ewing's flings resulted in the breakup of his marriage and surely a more difficult life for his son. Fathers (and mothers), unless your home life is poisonous, don't bust up your marriages.

That goes for you, Betty Draper!